Drew Rozell, Ph.D.




This Book Will Show You:

  • Why NOW is the best time in history to turn your expertise into a great little book.  (This is true even if you started and stopped before, or you're not sure where to focus right now.)  


  • I’m going to show you how you can use your book to add $3,000 to $10,000 a month without selling any books.


  • I’m going to show you how my clients make more from their books than some New York Times bestsellers (and in fact, I'm going to show you how the whole "best-seller" model is NOT the smart way to go. 


  • I’m going to show you how to distill what you know into ONE MESSAGE, even if you're not sure where to start, or if you feel you've got three or four books inside of you and you don't know what to focus upon.


  • I’m going to show you how to leverage your book to get the EXACT clients and opportunities you want, knocking on your door, happy to invest in you to take them on as a client. 


  • I’m going to show you how you can write this great, high-quality book without spending years in front of the keyboard, driving yourself crazy, doing endless revisions, and never finishing. 


  • I’m going to show you how you to do all of this in WEEKS, not YEARS.


  • I’m going to show you how this book will be simpler, smarter, higher quality, more aligned, and more profitable than any book you've ever thought of writing for your business even of you think you've got a pretty good idea in your head right now. 


Read This First, Though...

  • I believe what I am about to share with you will save you more time, energy, and money than any other approach to writing a profitable book for your business. 

    That said, w
    riting a book is NOT easy.


    Armed with the right approach it can be significantly easier, but it's a helluva lot easier to just dream about writing a book instead of committing to the effort it takes to finish one. 

    To be clear...  

    I don't believe you can write a truly brilliant book in a few hours over a weekend. 

    I think any time you see a "write a bestseller" offer, you should RUN away. Like, fast.

    And I don't have a get-rich-quick formula for writing your book.

    However, if your dream is to write a powerful book that communicates your best message, that you can then leverage for years to come by attracting the right clients and opportunities to you, then let's get rolling...


​Exactly What You're Getting

  • I've put together a 73-page book you can finish in less than an hour.

    It's designed for business owners who make their living through some sort of personal expertise (e.g., life or health coach, consultant, advisor, lawyer, realtor, M.D., etc.)


    Now, the biggest issue most people have in writing a great, profitable book is knowing where to focus their writing. 

    (For example, no one cares THAT much about YOUR story. Not yet, anyway.)

    Write Like This, Not Like That will help you eliminate the most common blocks to getting your book out into the world by revealing the five distinct shifts you need to make now before you write a single word

Here's Just a Fraction of What You'll Learn...

  • Why having a book is STILL the undefeated, fundamental game-changer to finding the right clients compared to blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars. 


  • The ONE QUESTION you must answer before you even start thinking about writing a single word.  (p. 26) 

    (Note: Your book has almost no chance to be profitable unless you nail this answer.)

    The only thing worse than never writing a book is writing a book that no one cares about.


  • Why getting caught up in "The bestseller lie" is a gimmick that's driven by your ego and is usually the EXACT wrong approach if you want to write a profitable book that finds you great clients.

    I'll even walk you through the 4th grade math to prove it to you.  (p. 20)


  • The ESSENTIAL MINDSET SHIFT that always determines whether your book makes money... or loses money.  (p. 18)


  • I'll show you exactly why shorter books are better than longer books and MORE valuable to the reader.

    I'll even detail how one 75-page book I wrote in 42 days, start to finish, brought in over $400K to my business (and this number grows every month).   (p. 35)


  • I'll share exactly how my first self-published book took in almost $127,000 in the first year and a half after I published it.

    ​And I'll break down how this was nearly 5 times more than my friend made from his New York Times Bestseller.  (p. 24)


  • Why trying to share everything you know or trying to "solve the problem" in your book is almost always a mistake.   (p. 51)

    (And no, this has nothing to do with "holding back" information. )


  • Why waiting to get crystal clear before deciding to get started is a trap — and what to do instead that will put you ahead of 95% of your competition.  (p. 16)


  • The REAL reason you've haven't written a book yet. Period. (p. 13)


  • The ONE ESSENTIAL DECISION that separates everyone who wants to write a book from the relatively few that DO.  (p. 14)


  • Why waiting for more certifications, degrees, or licenses is really a way for you to keep hiding.   (p. 15)


  • The real reason you feel you have too many ideas, and you finish no books that you start — and how to eliminate this once and for all.  (p. 28)



  • I'll explain exactly why the longer you take to finish your book, the less powerful and effective it will probably be. (p. 43)


  • Why right NOW is the BEST time to write your book. (p. 73)





Here's the BIG SECRET in MY BOOK

  • This book is not a “how-to” manual that’s going to walk you through some sort of formula to get your book completed. 


    I’ve written that book before.

    And it might surprise you to learn (as it surprised me), most people don’t really value this sort of information much anymore. 


    We have an endless stream of information at our fingertips, so much so that information alone, no matter how solid it might be, is not enough to set you apart from the competing noise of the crowded marketplace.


    So what do people truly value? 


    Here’s what I’ve found (and will show in the pages that follow).


    Instead of sharing all the information you know about a problem, focus on shifting how the reader is thinking about the problem.


    When you shift how someone thinks about their problem so they never see that problem the same way again, you accomplish three really critical things:

     1) You have sincerely helped that person.

     2) You have become a genuine authority in their mind because you actually helped them. 

     3) You position yourself as the person they will call and invest in if they want further support in solving that problem.



    So the aim of Write Like This (Not Like That) is not teaching you HOW to write because I don’t believe that’s your underlying problem. 


    You know enough. You’re smart enough. You have plenty of good ideas. You can write well enough. 

    And yes, there are mountains of information out there to teach you how to get a book written. 


    Rather, the “write like this” that I’m referring to in the title is the mindset that you’re bringing to this entire process.

    This is the key that transforms writing your book from some big, hairy deal to something that’s totally doable in fewer than three months. 


    My sole job here is to shift how you’re thinking about your book at a fundamental level.

    To do so, I will guide and encourage you to let go of some stale beliefs about the book you think you "should write" that are currently responsible for keeping you stuck.


    (Hint: The real problem is your ego.)


    By the time you read the last page, my goal is to have you thinking, “Oh yeah, all this makes so much sense. Now I know I can totally do this.”

    If your dream is to write a powerful book that communicates your best message that you can leverage for years to come by attracting the right clients and opportunities to you, then let's get rolling...



Yes, You Can Do This...

  • The most common issue most people have with creating an influential book that establishes them as the "go to" expert in their field and draws more clients and revenue to their business is that they try to do too much with a single book.

    For example, maybe you're trying to share everything you know in one book.

    Or maybe you're packing your pages with lots of information instead of providing the reader with crisp, concise insight. (Only the latter gets you hired).

    Or perhaps your idea is so broad that you get lost in your own ideas. You write page after page, but never end up with a finished book.  

    Simply put, no matter where you are right now, the good news is that once you understand the five shifts that I'm about to share with you, you'll see that writing and publishing a super-valuable, highly profitable book is really a hell of a lot more do-able than you've been thinking.

    Here's what I'm going to break down for you in the book so you can move forward with your book in the smartest, most efficient way possible:



    • Why NOW is the absolute best time to write your brilliant book. No excuses.


    • The ONE DECISION you need to make that will keep you focused, eliminate "starting and stopping" in your writing, and allow you to laser in on your SINGLE MOST POWERFUL MESSAGE.

    • The ONE DISTINCTION that determines whether your book will be a highly profitable asset or a highly costly disappointment.

    • I'll connect the dots on how writing the RIGHT BOOK is the key that unlocks your ability to charge what you're really worth.

      Note: If you're charging by the hour or by the session now, you need to read my book immediately.

      (For most of my private clients, I recommend upping their rates to $3,000 — $5,000 per client at a minimum.)
    • You'll be able to write a much better book than the one you're thinking about writing right now.

    The real purpose for Write Like This is to help you create a life of freedom where you can deeply impact and serve your tribe, work with super cool clients, deliver exceptional results, and make a significant (often life-changing) financial contribution to your family — all on your terms.

    This information has been the catalyst for thousands of experts to get out of their own way and launch their books out into the world, working for them tirelessly every day to deliver their message to new people. 


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    "What if this Book is a Waste of Time?"

    • If you're skeptical of an internet ad leading you to a sales page, I can certainly understand that.

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    How Much Does It Cost NOT to Buy This Book?

    • Potentially thousands, easily.

      Almost everyone who's started a book knows the frustration and countless hours of wasted time that gets poured into writing unfinished draft after unfinished draft that ultimately does nothing more that gather digital dust on a hard drive. 

      But what's even more expensive than never writing your book?

      ... It's writing the WRONG book that no one cares about and that ends up being just another expense rather than a revenue-generating asset. 

      You can burn through a lot of money quickly writing a book — I have several clients come to me after they'd let their egos get the better of them and blown $12,000 - $25,000 in one of those "write a bestseller" programs that didn't really turn them into a bestseller.

      (Shocker, I know... :) 

      For the price of a decent cup of coffee and tip (or much less than a decent glass of wine), Write Like This, Not Like That will save you from the most common mistakes that will keep your from writing a great, profitable book.


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