The 6 Steps to Writing a $100,000 Book For Your Business

Sounds good right?

And perhaps even too good to be true.

But it’s not.


My book, Write Now has exactly zero reviews on Amazon. Zero.

It’s like 70 pages long.

The cover design is not great.

There’s still a couple typos in it, for sure…

I don’t know if I’ve ever made a dime selling it there (I’m too lazy to check, and I’m going to show you why these kinds of book sale numbers are totally irrelevant.)


But that book, written and published in about 40 days, has served as the lead engine for around $300,000 in sales of my book program (and counting every day).

(You can get your free copy here)

* * *

Here are the exact 6 Steps to Writing a $100,000 Book (don’t miss this!)


1) In exchange for the right to contact you via e-mail, I offer you the book for free.

I do this with a free webinar too, but it all starts with the book!


2) I PAY to get my book in front of you.

I use Facebook Ads and while there is a learning curve, their ability to reach a highly targeted audience is unparalleled. In short, for every $1 I give to Facebook, I make between $8 and $10 back. THIS IS LIFE-CHANGING.

But yes, paying to get your book in front of people requires a complete mindset shift for most authors.


3) At the end of the book, I offer you a free coaching session on writing YOUR great little book.

People who are interested and serious (I have people apply to weed out those who are not) will sign up.


4) A percentage of you take me up on the offer and meet me on a session.

I do the session, I share my very best ideas and a vision for your $100K book. At the end, if I believe I can really help you and we’re a mutual fit, I invite you to become a member of my Book in 90 Days coaching program.


5) Upon hearing my offer (it’s a strong one and makes sense to the right people), a certain percentage of you say YES and join The Book in 90 Days Program.

Together we begin writing the RIGHT book that will re-focus you and re-orient your entire business around solving ONE specific problem for ONE specific audience — the kind of problem that clients will pay you at least $3 to $5K to solve through you coaching them (in the program that you design, based on your book).

Now all of those above elements are critical to writing the RIGHT book, of course. And I’ll discuss all the math is just a second…

But let’s get to Step 6 because here is where the magic REALLY happens….


6) When you’ve written the RIGHT book, making $100K profit over a year becomes MATH!

  • You’re not “hoping” for clients to magically find you and happily open their wallets…
  • You’re not sitting on your couch meditating for the money to show up.
  • Now, you have an actual system.

A beautiful, predictable, life-changing plan.

Again, it’s not HOPE or a DREAM…

It’s MATH!


Follow me here…

If I give Facebook $1000 a month for ads to share my book with people (again, I give it away for free), I will conservatively get 300 new leads on my mailing list.

Now, I know… $1000 to spend on ads may seem like a lot… But I’m going to show you why it is not…

Of those 300 new leads, say, 5% submit quality applications for a session with me (they have a business, they are serious, they “get” what I am offering, they are ready to invest, etc.).

This is 15 new sessions for the month.


Now, let’s say that of those 15 free coaching sessions I do, 1 out of 5 people are a great fit for my program (let’s say it’s a $5K program).

Okay, again these are conservative numbers…

So, using this formula, every month 3 new clients join my program at $5K each…

That’s $15K every month.

Multiply that by 12 months…

15 x 12 = $180K

Now, over the year, I paid Facebook $1000 a month for 12 months, so subtract $12000.

$180K – 12K = $168,000.

Yes, $168,000.


(Say your numbers were 40% off from the numbers I used here… You’re still at $100K!)

Cool, right?

And if it seems simple? Well, it IS delightfully simple!

But NO… it’s not easy.

It takes focus, commitment to your business, and a willingness to stick your neck out and invest (yet this is the same recipe for any successful business.)


In short, you need to get your shit together and get serious for 90 days.


But you know what’s A LOT HARDER?

  • Continuing to struggle in your business.
  • Continuing to make the “I’m so busy!” and “not right now, but later,” excuses.
  • Continuing to use “hope” as your main marketing strategy.
  • Continuing not to make enough money to contribute to your family.

So, that’s it.

If you’re ready to write the RIGHT book (and have it done by the end of the summer) that will position you for a whole new level of success with your business, then let’s talk.

It’s free.

I rarely bite.

You have much to gain and nothing to lose.

Show me you’re ready, apply, and let’s talk about your great little book soon.

Thanks for reading…