My husband would kill me

I did a free session with a woman about the right book for her business the other day.

She seemed to love the idea I shared with her and she inquired how we would work together.

I described how I would help her and then I shared my fee for my offer (it ranges from $997 to $7500 in case you were wondering).

“I can see the value in what you offer here,” she said. “But if I spent that much money, my husband would kill me!”

She said it with a laugh, of course.

But the subtext was clear to me right way.

Now a few things here…

1) I am a husband with a wife who runs a business.

2) If she SPENT money on her business without a track record of seeing a return, I’d be less than pleased. I’d be an angry husband. But she takes care of her business, she brings money into our home, so what she invests in is her business.

In contrast, through some follow up questions, the woman on the phone admitted she had a track record of joining programs and not showing up. She wasn’t totally invested in her business mentally and it showed up financially. (It always will.)

3) If you have a business that needs to be profitable to make your life work for you and your family, then don’t *SPEND* money on any programs… (mine included).

Whipping out your credit card isn’t enough if you want to have a successful business and it’s not enough to complete a book.

4) Rather, when you pull out your credit card, you must DECIDE that you are making an INVESTMENT that will pay off.

Then do the work.

Write the damn book. Market it properly. Attract new clients to your business. Make the program pay for itself many times over.

This is what I do personally. And this is what I teach and guide my clients to do.

If you want to have a business, showing up in this way — investing, following through and making a return on your investment is not optional. It’s the only way this works.

When you DECIDE your investment will pay off, and it does, the most important thing is that YOU will feel happy.

The fact that your husband will be smiling next to you? Well, that’s a super cool bonus.




Here’s a video of recent author/Book in 90 Days grad Jane getting her new book in the mail. Her husband does the filming/narrating.

He seems pretty happy.

P.P.S. If you want to see if I can help you write the RIGHT book for your business, book a free session with me now.